Lord Albert Bruxley

The Lord of Bastion Hill


“Hello, hello, new faces! And new friends of Ser Warwyk at that!”
He is Lord Albert Bruxley. He was brought to the village a year ago as a prisoner of the dogfolk he calls the Inuperro. They took the day after he and his house-party guests arrived in the orb. It was his wife’s birthday celebration and they had received a missive that a powerful wizard wished to visit. He obliged and during the party, all the guests, lords, ladies, commonfolk, guards alike were transported here. The Inuperro had been attacked years prior by a group of Ardenian knights and did not wish to chance another attack, so they abducted who they thought was the leader and retreated to their village. They sent word that peace must be had and Lord Bruxley agreed, not wishing for blood on either side. The Inuperro spoke the Common language as well as their native tongue. They sent an envoy with his message.

Torgon wears Lord Bruxley’s armor. He has allowed Torgon to keep it as he claims his is now a man of peace, though you believe it is due to his weight gain that he does not want his armor back.

Lord Albert Bruxley

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