The Koblak

The monster that captured Loomin; a seemingly undead warlord


This hideous monster is blessed by the powers of death. This beast stands almost 7 feet tall if it ever stood upright, but is constantly stooped. It weighs almost 200 pounds.

His hair is unnaturally gray for a bugbear and skin morbidly pale. The most prevalent characteristic of The Koblak is the sickish orange glow of his bulbous eyes.

The party has discovered that grave dirt is the only way to surpass his natural defense.


The rarest variety of bugbear is the Koblak. Born dead and somehow returning to life, sometimes hours after their birth, koblaks posses an unnatural affinity for death. These bugbears are seemingly immortal, as death rarely claims them and they can survive for centuries. They are also by far the most powerful of all the varieties of bugbears.

The party encountered The Koblak when they rescued Ser Waryk from the goblin raiding party. As Loomin charged the beast, it caught him in its grasp. Lincoln attempted to rescue his new friend, but failed to harm the monster before it pulled Loomin into the thick undergrowth.

The party pursued the trail left by the beast and its minions into the heart of the Goblin forest.

The Koblak

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