Vile Sorcerer, Custodian of the Orb


Tall, lanky, disgusting looking man. Practices dark magics. Resides in what is now called Castilla de Amontillado.

He has trapped various other peoples in the orb throughout the years, including throwing his own homunculous, Tad.


“You were each freed under the condition that you complete a task for our mutual master. Now I will reveal to you that that task is for you to kill the sorcerer known as Amontillado. My master, the man you are now indentured to, was a rival wizard to the man you seek. Both were taught magic arts from the elven land of Tarasias. Amontillado chose to serve a darker art and practiced blood magics not fit for this world. Seventeen years ago, this sorcerer Amontillado, stole my master’s daughter to use as blood sacrifice in a cataclysmic summoning ritual. My master arrived to his daughter’s aid, but only in enough time to halt the ritual. He was too late to save his daughter and Amontillado managed to escape. My master seeks revenge on the man who stole his world. He has finally tracked his adversary to the location we travel to. Here, I will leave you. We will know once your mission is complete. Rest assured, upon completion of your trial, each of you will be handsomely rewarded.”


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