Olivier Santander

A Carnifex (Executioner) of the Manu Servorum


He is dressed in rich maroon robes, covering steel plate. At his side is sheathed a nightmarish blade; This unusual sword has a straight 2-foot-long blade with six shorter L-shaped blades protruding from it, three on each side in a staggered pattern. Around his neck is a golden necklace on a pendant adorned with a closed golden fist.

When we felt the quake, we came to find you at the island. When you were not there, we feared you would bring the stone here to rest.. And the small one confirmed your quest…
Destroying such a wonder could not have been an easy feat, though you all do look to be capable warriors… with the exception of the musician…you even brought the alchemist with you, are you still calling yourself Giz? Do you still not remember?

Who carries it, I sense you have brought it with you… Does it compel you? Do you understand what it wishes of you? You know not the power of the stone… I can help you… we can help you. The Manu Servorum can ease the burden. Just give me the stone.

Then I, Olivier Santander, Carnifex of the Manu Servorum, sentence you to death…ZAJAR!


Olivier Santander

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